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Noli manare in memoria

More than just a memory

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I will not be just a memory...

I have awakened once again, and this time... this time nothing shall fail. The voice of the mother has passed on, but the voice in my head will not be silenced. Only with them can I silence him once and for all... and then I shall have my vengeance...



Limit Breaks

Low Level - Sin Harvest

In this attack, Sephiroth slices through the air with Masamune with so much speed and strength that he can produce a sonic boom effect. As he slices, a long and thin sickle of air and energy is formed and zooms towards the target. It has a very long range, though at great distances its effects become less. The air blades do low-mid level damage, UNLESS they hit at point blank range (in which case they do mid-high damage). Only one sonic boom

Mid Level - Dark Mother

Sephiroth chucks a large orb of dark purple energy at a single opponent. The dark orb closes in on the nearest target, and if not dodged or escaped, the orb explodes in a swirl of purple and black power, doing mid-high magical damage.

High Level - Supernova

A nova of fire explodes away from Sephiroth, dealing mid-high level damage to any enemy within five feet. This is immediately followed by 8 blades made of fire, each dealing low-mid fire based damage, each of which can be sent to a different target or to the same target. Unblockable except by other magic or by another magic or energy based limit break. Can be dodged- they fly in a straight line and do not “seek“ a target.


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